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Making Progress in the Working lives of people

"Working is such an important and necessary part of my life. It gives me independence, something meaningful to do with my life, a therapeutic support system, a reason to get out to bed or off the couch each day."

Work Candidate
Working for Over 15 Years

Work In Progress' mission is to assist persons with a diagnosis of mental illness with obtaining, retaining and maintaining employment opportunities throughout Richland and Lexington counties in South Carolina.

A trained Work In Progress Employment Specialist is assigned to every work candidate. The Employment Specialist provides assistance in every area of the job search, from the pre-interview training to initial transportation to the interview itself. Unique to Work In Progress, they will provide support to the work candidate after an appropriate match has been made. Most importantly, an Employment Specialist will provide the work candidate with the emotional base and encouragement needed during employment. This support will last as long as necessary - days, weeks, months or even years.

This process is very important as this is the employment lifeline for many of us.

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A Personal Success Story of a Work Candidate

On the way home from her new job Jane asked me to pull over. I saw her approach a homeless woman on the side of the road and observed her give the lady something wrapped in a paper towel. I wanted an explanation. Jane said “ I was sharing part of my chicken with her because I know she is hungry. I know she didn’t get enough to eat and I remember that feeling from when I was out here.”

“You helped me to get to the point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am so glad that you did not give up on me that you expected more from me than I expected from myself."

Jane has successfully worked her recovery program for 3 years and is taking her job of 24 months, one day at a time. She has received The Outstanding Employee Award from her employer, and at times feels depressed but now she knows she has the support from her friends at Work in Progress to help her get through.



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