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Frequent Questions

How Work in Progress Works


Do you charge fees for your services?

What kind of services do you offer?
Employment – job coaching services on the job if accepted by Employer and Employee.
Follow Along Services for the duration of the employment opportunity.

What sets Work In Progress apart from temporary agencies?
We strive to match our work candidates with employment opportunities of their choice.
We provide conflict resolution for both the work candidate and the employer.
Our work candidates have job coaching support for the duration of the are not time limited as they are with other agencies.

What will I need in order to register with Work In Progress?
A simple phone call to our office (803-758-0066) and a list of what type of skill set you are searching for in a potential employee

Do you obtain criminal background checks on the work candidates that you serve?

What happens if I am not satisfied with the work candidate that is referred to me?
If an employer is not satisfied with the work candidate's performance they are free to terminate the employment opportunity.

How are accidents and the worker's compensation claims handled?
The hiring company's policies and procedures apply the same as with any other employee.


Do you charge for services?

What kind of services do you offer?
Pre employment – assisting with formulating a concise resume, job development, interviewing skills, obtaining employment.

How do you receive services from Work In Progress?
Call the office for information on how to be referred. Our phone number is 803-758-0066


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