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"Working is such an important and necessary part of my life. It gives me independence, something meaningful to do with my life, a therapeutic support system, a reason to get out to bed or off the couch each day."

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There are many persons served in Richland and Lexington counties who have a diagnosis of mental illness who may also be homeless. We are very concerned with the numbers of consumers of mental health services that are unemployed or underemployed. Related to this is the challenge of many living in poverty without the opportunity to increase one's financial stability.

Employment increases financial stability, assists with recovery, and decreases poverty.

The services that are offered are as follows:

  • Interviewing Skills for potential employment opportunities
  • Job Development
  • Job Coaching at the job site with the permission of the work candidate and the employer. Our onsite "job coaching" can last from one hour to several weeks. Our follow-along services last for the duration of the job opportunity. This technique is paramount to the success of some of the work candidates within their employment opportunity.
  • The "Speaking Team" consists of staff and work candidates alike. We volunteer to educate the community on the benefits of providing employment to an under-served population in the Midlands. Many of our venues have been in churches, civic groups, and participation in the United Way Speaker's Bureau.

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