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"Working is such an important and necessary part of my life. It gives me independence, something meaningful to do with my life, a therapeutic support system, a reason to get out to bed or off the couch each day."

Work Candidate
Working for Over 15 Years

The key to our successful program is and always has been the dedication of our “work candidates”. With much dignity and respect the individuals that we serve are given the title of “work candidate” as opposed to “client”, “patient”, etc. as they are coming to us for employment assistance, not mental health services. Work In Progress receives referrals from Richland and Lexington counties’ mental health agencies’ clinical staff. An employment questionnaire packet is given to the work candidate at the time referral is made. Work Candidate will turn in this packet at initial interview.

Initial Interview

Work candidate will be interviewed by an Employment Services Specialist (job coach) at Work In Progress to ascertain interest and work aptitudes. It is at this time the Work In Progress staff would provide counseling of pre - employment skills, dressing for the employment interview, and assist with interviewing skills, resume development, and filling out employment applications etc.

Self-Directed Search

Employment type is individualized and developed to meet and support the work candidate’s motivation and interest in employment.

Job Development

Once a work candidate’s employment goals have been identified Work In Progress seeks opportunities within the person’s employment desires, vocational aspirations, and capabilities. Placing a person in an employment opportunity that matches their interest and aptitudes leads a person into long term consistent employment.

Job Coaching

One on one employment task coaching can be implemented at the onset of the employment opportunity and are individualized upon the needs of each work candidate. The Employment Specialist (job coach) assists the work candidate with learning the correct way to perform tasks and can work with the work candidate at the job site until the work candidate feels comfortable with the demands of the employment opportunity.

Employment Counseling

Job coaches work with the work candidates and employers to assist with any training of increased responsibilities necessary for the duration of the employment opportunity.

Follow Along

Support services are provided by the Job Coach for the duration of the employment opportunity, dependent upon the needs of the work candidate and their interest in support services.

WIP Dutch Dinner

Employed work candidates are invited to meet with the other working members of the WIP program in a relaxed atmosphere at a restaurant where everyone is provided an opportunity to socialize with others who are working toward their recovery through employment.

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