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Providing so much more than finding a job!

"Working is such an important and necessary part of my life. It gives me independence, something meaningful to do with my life, a therapeutic support system, a reason to get out to bed or off the couch each day."

Work Candidate
Working for Over 15 Years

Getting a job is a full-time role. It will occupy you every day and take up a large part of each day. The experience can be exciting, worrying, uplifting, exhausting, invigorating and challenging.

More often than not, all the other parts of your life come into play. Not only are you struggling looking for the job to pay the bills but there are a jumble of thoughts running through your head.

Will I have the right skills needed? How will I manage the physical and mental health appointments for myself while working? I don’t have interview clothes; what will I wear? How will I pay for transportation until I get the first check? What if they need a background check; how can I pay for that? Where will the interview be located? Will people treat me nice on the new job?

Work In Progress, Inc. provides so much more than finding a job. We provide the answers. Sometimes the answers are simple… an address or the needed resume. Oftentimes we provide more complicated help… working with expungement office to help clear up backgrounds or taking the work candidate to obtain legal documents needed to acquire work.

As a work candidate there are things you should be doing to secure work.

  • Setting a routine by starting each day as if you were going to work. Try and find somewhere to work- such as the library or a separate desk at home away from distractions.
  • Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job. You lose nothing by asking for help but lose all opportunities by being quiet.
  • Follow every lead on a job and do not allow time to pass you by.
  • Apply for five to ten jobs per day as the bare minimum.
  • Always write thank you letter or email instantly after any interview no matter how casual; follow up with a phone call in a few days.



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